gw4Funded by a GW4 Building Communities Initiator Grant, Remediating the Archive proposes to build a research community based in the intersection of two key areas of strength within the GW4 consortium (Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter): archives/special collections and the digital humanities. The ‘GW4 Treasures’ webpage identifies numerous collections of significant cultural and academic value spanning a range of fields, which this bid seeks to utilise and promote.

Critically, the proposed network approaches these holdings by way of the growing interdisciplinary work currently undertaken by digital humanists within the GW4. There is clear evidence of both shared and complementary interests in archival research and digital humanities across the GW4 institutions, with around a hundred researchers already working on exciting and innovative projects.

Remediating the Archive network responds primarily to the GW4 Grand Challenge ‘Living in a digital world’, as it seeks to explore the impact of digitalisation on academic engagements with historic resources, and the synergies between the two. Moreover, by using remediated archives to engage and empower the wider community beyond academia, our bid speaks to the ‘Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies’ Grand Challenge.

The network will build on a one-day workshop that is to be held at Cardiff University on 9 December 2016.  The aim of the event is to showcase significant archives and special collections within the GW4, to initiate discussions between delegates regarding shared interests, and to explore future collaborations. This website will capture and sustain the principal outcomes of the workshop, as well as subsequent outcomes.

For more information please get in contact with the Project Fellow, Michael Goodman: goodmanmj@cardiff.ac.uk.