We have identified three key areas of enquiry for Remediating the Archive: researching with digital archives, teaching with digital archives and developing digital archives.

  • Researching with Digital Archives: This strand focuses on how digital archives can and have unlocked new paradigms of research practice, while also reflecting on the theoretical implications and challenges of digital archives—both those which are remediations of pre-digital collections and those which are ‘born digital’.
  • Teaching with Digital Archives: This strand considers ways in which digital humanistic work on archives and special collections can augment undergraduate teaching, postgraduate training and doctoral research.
  • Developing Digital Archives: This theme deals with the practicalities of digital archive creation, including text encoding (TEI), photogrammetry and 3D scanning.

More details will be made available on the relevant sub-pages by the project team in the coming weeks, both before and after the 9th December workshop.